Our philosophy at Blackrock Logistics, Inc. is old school – the client comes first. Perhaps it is simplified, but it has served us well and everyone at Blackrock does what it takes to deliver on that promise.

Our technology is anything but old school, however. Our state of the art systems and infrastructure provides our clients with personalized options to outsource any or all of their logistics to our dedicated team. We can provide everything from a single expedited delivery to complete fleet management, all with real-time order tracking, optimization and in-transit inventory visibility. At Blackrock Logistics, Inc., we are devoted to equipping you with the most reliable and innovative logistics services on the market.

The core Blackrock Logistics, Inc. team has served the industry in all capacities, which has provided us with a unique insight into our customers’ needs and challenges. By working one-on-one with senior managers, warehouse workers, and employees at every level of the industry, our team has gained a superior understanding of the service expectations for every point in the shipping process. This allows us to understand and support our clients with a level of personalized service that no one else can offer.

Blackrock Logisitics drivers shaking hands

We Are Driven By Technology

Data Driven by satellite technology

Blackrock Logistics, Inc. owns its own fleet of over 30 trucks and 55 trailers and also contracts with the top independent operators in the industry. We currently utilize XRS Corporation’s Turnpike Fleet Management & CSA Compliance Solution to collect truck and driver data. This industry leading software is tablet based, allowing for mobility between drivers and/or vehicles and collects and provides detailed tracking and reporting data. This ensures we track your shipment for you in real time from start to finish.

Our combined dedication, leadership, and professionalism makes Blackrock Logistics, Inc. your choice for all your logistics needs.

Our Services Include

Warehouse and Yard Services

Public Warehousing
Dedicated Warehouse
Labor Management
Yard management and control

Transportation Services

Dedicated Contract Services
Carrier Managed Services
Lane Resource

Brokerage Services


Supply Chain Support Services

Supply Chain Design
Supply Chain Optimization

Labor Management

Provide Labor for defined duration and scope of work
Project, hourly with markup or agreed to productivity level billing
Supervision and management to direct labor included
Provide systems to track and manage labor costs
Various specific labor activities (some, not all are listed) by fully trained and managed staff;
Unloading, product sort and segregation
Put away to storage
Receiving and checking
Yard hostling/trailer moves
Pallet configuration changes
Lumping Services
Order selection (voice, scan, paper, pick to light), Palletizing
Pick location replenishment
Loading and shipping
Special Projects
Seasonal staffing
Container loading/unloading and trans-loading
Inventory Control

Dedicated Warehousing

One client, dedicated operation
Committed to 100% of all space
Committed to 100% of all space costs – utilities, insurance, taxes, repairs, maintenance, etc.
Facility cost is a fixed amount
Could be leased to Client or provider (provider marks up the expenses)
Labor and Management
Varied billing methods
-Cost plus
-Variable based on a guaranteed rate per unit
Systems can be client or operator provided
Warehouse Management Systems (Blackrock utilizes Royal 4)
Yard Management Systems (Blackrock utilizes Royal 4)
Labor Management Systems (Blackrock utilizes Royal 4)

Public Warehousing

Frozen; Refrigerated; Ambient
Customized storage rates and space utilization by customer
Short term storage
Cross Dock
Long term storage
Dedicated space
Full range of Public Warehouse services (utilizing Royal 4 as the WMS)
Inventory Control – Strict code date, FIFO, LIFO, Lot Control
Sorting and Segregating
Case picking
Special handling

Operations available throughout the United States