Safety Commitment

Blackrock Logistics, Inc. is committed to only providing the most professional, efficient and safest service available to our clients.

We believe that a comprehensive safety program is an integral piece of the overall management system of the company. Overseen by a full time, seasoned safety director, our program includes daily safety meetings, quarterly training sessions, implementing Best Work Practices (BWP) and ongoing inspections.

Blackrock Logistics driver checking a safety list


Blackrock Logistics, Inc. is dedicated to continuously tracking our safety performance. Our proactive Driver Training Program ensures that every driver and contractor adheres to our Health, Safety, Security, and Environmental (HSSE) policy and meets or exceeds not only our standards but also those of our partners and customers.

Every Blackrock Logistics driver and terminal employee is required to attend a daily safety meeting which covers in detail topics ranging from Defensive Driving to Safe Lifting.

We have HSS&E professionals located in the field to work hand-in-hand with our operations team to ensure that each driver is adhering to all regulations.

CSA 2010


Blackrock Logistics, Inc. is proud of our Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s (FMCSA) CSA 2010 Company and Driver scores.

It takes dedication and commitment to keep a company safe.

This requires having professional employees who don’t just perform regular maintenance, they seek out problems before they arise. Blackrock Logistics is a forward thinking company … we don’t replace equipment when it wears out; we replace it before it wears out.

When hiring drivers, we look at their backgrounds, their experience, their references as well as their safety record. We take extraordinary steps to make certain they are right for us – and you! We will only hire people who keep your products, and the environment we do business in, safe and secure… always.