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Our fleet of run semi-trailers includes standard box trucks, refrigerated boxes, flatbeds, bobtails and heavy haulers. With everything from freight vans to 53′ trailers, we can provide the exact size you need to deliver any load in the most cost effective manner.


We screen and hire only the best drivers on the road. Our drivers have the highest DOT safety ratings and impeccable on-time delivery ratings. We employ both local and over-the-road drivers to provide shipping to the entire country.


Our cost effective, controlled labor approach provides your company all the tools required to increase production while reducing liability and variable costs. We continuously measure our performance against national benchmarks and trends, ensuring our team is constantly improving to maintain peak operational performance.


We broker loads for both pick-up and delivery and service sea ports, rail ramps, warehouses, retail establishments, and even private residences. Our drivers are members of the UIIA and American Trucking Association.

Blackrock Logistics Driver At The Wheel of A Truck

Blackrock Logistics, Inc.

What if you could guarantee quick and simple shipping to your retail locations without a huge upfront investment?

At Blackrock Logistics, Inc. our goal is be an exceptional Supply Chain Partner to our customer and to our customer’s customer and add tangible value in all we do. We will create a personalized, all-in-one shipping solution for you and your business.

Our drivers are equipped with GPS tracking systems that are integrated into our proprietary software, allowing you to receive an up to the minute status of your load. Details available expected arrival time, expected unload time and any other personalized information you may need.

We Are Data Driven

Our logistics and tracking technology was designed with one goal in mind: to cut costs and pass the savings on to you. Our truck routes are optimized to take advantage of highway traffic patterns and changing diesel prices while staying within federally mandated driver guidelines. We often hire driving teams to double the over-the-road time allowed and allow for expedited shipping. This type of forward thinking guarantees you receive the best rates and services every time you ship with us.

Now hiring: the best drivers on earth.


At Blackrock Logistics, Inc., safety is our priority, no exceptions. With one of the most stringent safety programs in the industry, we pride ourselves on our safety record and undergo voluntary auditing on a regular basis to ensure we maintain the highest standards of safety for our drivers.


We treat both our customers and our employees the way we would want to be treated – fairly and with no hidden agenda. We believe that earning your trust also earns us your repeat business. We are in it for the long haul and know that our reputation is the only thing that makes that happen.


We are not willing to stand on past accomplishments, but continually strive to improve our services through data analysis, upgraded technology and taking the feedback of our customers and employees to heart.

Blackrock Logistics truck driving at sunset

In-Route Adjustments

Shipping isn’t a 9 to 5 industry. That’s why our team is available 24/7/365 to help you with your shipping needs. Our drivers are all connected to our main server so we can tell you which loads are on the road when they are expected, whether they can be expedited or even if they can be rescheduled into a different delivery window. If you aren’t ready for a shipment, our drivers can also dropship loads in your bullpen – whatever your needs, whenever the time, Blackrock Logistics is prepared to respond.

Large enough to service, small enough to serve.