Company Drivers

Please click below to apply as a company driver with Red Rock Transportation.

Driver Incentives

  1. Competitive pay and benefits. We offer competitive pay and excellent Medical, Dental, Vision and Life benefits.
  2. Safety incentives. All drivers qualify for a number of safety incentives, including Million Mile drive club, an employee of the month, driver of the year and many others.
  3. Vacation pay: all drivers qualify for yearly vacation pay.


  1. Driver must be at least 23 years old
  2. Driver must have 2 or more verifiable years of driving experience
  3. No misdemeanors in the last 36 months
  4. No felonies in the last 60 months
  5. No DUI convictions in the last 60 months
  6. No violent crimes of any nature in the last 10 years
  7. No previous history of suspension, revocation or cancellation of driving privileges as a result of moving violations or vehicular accidents in the last 36 months
  8. Ten years of employment history without any gaps
  9. Verifiable three years reference check

Documents Required

  1. Original DMV print out no older than 30 days of application
  2. Valid medical card. (long form physical preferred)
  3. Social Security card
  4. Must pass DOT pre-employment drug screening and a background check

Unacceptable Driver Factors

  1. Two (2) at-fault accidents, regardless of payment
  2. More than four(4) moving violations
  3. Combination of one (1) at-fault accident and four (4) moving violations
  4. More than three (3) moving violations is the last 12 month period
  5. Conviction of reckless driving
  6. Conviction of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol (DUI) or driving while intoxicated (DWI), and/or refusing an alcohol test. (“Open container” conviction also falls into this category
  7. Misrepresentation to avoid arrest or obtain driver’s license
  8. Illegal possession
  9. Participating in a racing contest
  10. Conviction of leaving the scene of an accident (Hit and Run)
  11. Conviction of using vehicle to elude an officer
  12. Revocation for any reason
  13. Operating while license is revoked or suspended
  14. Current license is under suspension or revocation
  15. Vehicle used in connection with a felony
  16. Other serious violations (e.g. speed in excess of 25 mph over the speed limit)
  17. Driver has eight (8) points or more within the last thirty-six (36) months

Independent Contractors

Blackrock logistics, Inc. has partnered with our drivers and independent contractors to help them meet their immediate career needs and to help shape their professional future as drivers. If you own or lease your own truck, you can contract with Blackrock Logistics, Inc. to haul freight. As an independent contractor, you can earn top dollar and be guaranteed dedicated runs all year long.

Payment Plans

We offer a full range of pay packages to help you grow your business with us. All independent contractor settlements are generated 21 days after the due date. Payments can be done with direct deposit and sent to you. All fuel surcharges are calculated weekly and paid accordingly.

Documents required

  1. Broker agreement
  2. Contractor safety agreement
  3. Interchange agreement
  4. W-9 form
  5. Certificate of insurance
  6. List of tractors, including VIN numbers